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Before Applying


  • You know the dates you are available before applying.
  • You are available to work all of your shifts.
  • You will be able to produce the two necessary forms of ID according to the I-9 forms. Click Here to view the acceptable forms of ID.

I have read the FestivalWork FAQ and reviewed the job description for the job(s) I am applying for within this online application.
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Background Checks

As part of our efforts to do all we can to ensure that anyone working at or attending the festivals will have a safe great time, everyone who applies must give us their permission to do a background check. Please read the following disclosure and check the appropriate boxes below to grant Townsquare Live Events Minnesota, LLC the required permission.

Disclosure and Authority to Release Information

I understand that in processing my application with Townsquare Live Events Minnesota, LLC, an investigative consumer report may be conducted. FCRA 606. (a) (1) disclosure requirements; Any such background check report may contain information bearing on my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living. Information may include, but is not limited to; criminal records, and any data provided on this application, or during the interview process.

I authorize the appropriate individuals, companies, institutions or agencies to release information, and I release them from any liability as a result of such inquiries or disclosures.

I further understand and waive my right of privacy in this investigation and release and hold harmless Townsquare Live Events Minnesota, LLC, and its Agent, Verified Credentials, Inc., from any liability.

An investigative consumer report may be generated summarizing this information. I have a right under the "Fair Credit Reporting Act" and state law to obtain a copy of this report by providing proper identification and directing a written request to:

Verified Credentials, Inc.
20890 Kenbridge Court
Lakeville, MN 55044

If you would like a copy of your FCRA rights, please click on the following link:

A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

I hereby certify that all the statements and answers set forth on the application form I submit will be true and complete to the best of my knowledge, and I understand that if any statements or answers are found false, or information has been omitted, such false statements or omissions may be cause for: rejection of my application; or withdrawal of any offer of employment made to me; or termination of my employment.

I Agree and Understand

I Do Not Agree give Townsquare Live Events Minnesota, LLC (parent company of WE Fest) and its Agents permission to perform an investigative consumer report pertaining to me.

I would like a copy of my report.

No   Yes

Festival Policies

Townsquare Live Events Minnesota, LLC is in the business of presenting safe and enjoyable concerts and festivals. As a festival employee, volunteer or vendor, you will be a representative of Townsquare Live Events Minnesota, LLC, and an important member of the team. As such, your behavior and appearance, both on duty and off, should be respectful to our patrons, and your fellow team members.

We have established the following policies and procedures to assure the comfort and safety of all our patrons. We ask that you read them carefully, and check the box below to indicate you understand and will abide by them if you're hired.

Townsquare Live Events Minnesota, LLC POLICIES & PROCEDURES

The following policies and procedures apply to all WE FEST employees, volunteers, vendors and subcontractors, and their employees.


  • No employee, volunteer, vendor or subcontractor of Townsquare Live Events Minnesota, LLC shall, at any time, engage in any form of "harassment" with respect to any other person.
  • No threats or intimidation intended to place another person in fear for his/her safety or well-being.
  • No uninvited or unwelcome touching.
  • No fighting, or violent acts of any kind.
  • No offensive, obscene, or abusive language.
  • No sexual harassment: sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, sexually motivated physical contact or other verbal or physical conduct or communication of a sexual nature IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • No possession or use of firearms, knives, switch blade knives, num-chucks, throwing stars or any other object which is intended or designed primarily to be used as a weapon capable of inflicting serious and/permanent bodily harm.
  • NO possession or use of fireworks of any kind.
  • No Trespassing in the campsite of any patron, vendor, subcontractor or employee while off duty.
  • No Reporting to work under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or using, selling, or possessing alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Proper attire must be worn at all times. While on duty we ask that you do not wear open toed shoes, as this is a hazard. Don't wear shirts with no midriff, extremely short shorts or skirts, or other revealing attire. Your supervisor will have the right to ask you to change your clothing if it not appropriate for work.
Note: these examples of impermissible behavior are not intended to be an all-inclusive list. At management's discretion, any violation of the policies or any conduct considered inappropriate or unsatisfactory may subject the employee to disciplinary actions. Questions about this policy should be directed to YOUR SUPERVISOR OR TO THE EMPLOYMENT OFFICE MANAGER ON DUTY. IF THE PROBLEM IS LATE AT NIGHT PLEASE DIRECT YOUR QUESTION TO SECURITY MANAGEMENT STAFF ON DUTY.


Your uniform consists of any or all of the items that identify you as an employee or volunteer of Townsquare Live Events Minnesota, LLC These items include but are not limited to: credentials, t-shirts, vests, and hats. While ON DUTY all employees and volunteers must wear their uniforms. When OFF DUTY, everything that identifies you as an employee must be taken off.


Violations to any of the policies or prohibitions without "just cause" are subject to: termination; suspension; reprimand; written or verbal warning; changes in job duties or compensation; stripping of festival credentials and removal from the property.

I Agree with the above festival policies.

I Do Not Agree with the above festival policies.

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